March 2020 dev links

Old CSS, new CSS

I first got into web design/development in the late 90s, and only as I type this sentence do I realize how long ago that was.

Hiding Elements On The Web

Through our work as web developers, we need to hide elements for many reasons. For example, a button that should be visible in a mobile viewport, and hidden in a desktop viewport. Or, a navigation element that is hidden on mobile and shown on the desktop.

Understanding Async Await

When writing code for the web, eventually you’ll need to do some process that might take a few moments to complete. JavaScript can’t really multitask, so we’ll need a way to handle those long-running processes.

Async/Await is a way to handle this type of time-based sequencing. It’s especially great for when you need to make some sort of network request and then work with the resulting data. Let’s dig in!

Fixing memory leaks in web applications

Part of the bargain we struck when we switched from building server-rendered websites to client-rendered SPAs is that we suddenly had to take a lot more care with the resources on the user’s device. Don’t block the UI thread, don’t make the laptop’s fan spin, don’t drain the phone’s battery, etc. We traded better interactivity and “app-like” behavior for a new class of problems that don’t really exist in the server-rendered world.

Awesome stock resources

A collection of links for free stock photography, video and Illustration websites

JVM Ecosystem Report 2020 

Welcome to our annual JVM ecosystem report! This report presents the results of the largest annual survey on the JVM ecosystem. The survey was conducted in the second half of 2019 gathering the responses of over 2000 participants. We would like to thank everyone who participated and offered their insights on Java and JVM-related topics.

Why Your Mouse Cursor Looks The Way It Does

Have you ever wondered why the arrow-shaped mouse cursor on your computer is tilted instead of vertical?

Git from Beginner to Advanced

Getting comfortable with Git took me a long time. I thought I’d write a quick guide that assumes no prior knowledge, along with some of my favourite tips and tricks.

Custom Text Underlines

Link underlines are usually an element where form steps back in favor of function. But they can be used as a design element, too, as some great examples show.

Learn CSS Positioning

Are you ready to start learning about how positioning works in CSS? This interactive article is for you.

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