July 2020 dev links

Design and Anatomy of a Push Notification 2020

Push notifications have been around for over 10 years. First introduced in 2009 for iOS, they quickly rolled out across all the major mobile operating systems. Then in 2014 web push came along.


Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score

Google’s built-in testing tool Lighthouse judges the accessibility of our websites with a score between 0 and 100. It’s laudable to try to get a high grading, but a score of 100 doesn’t mean that the site is perfectly accessible. To prove that I carried out a little experiment.


Windows 10: The developer who wrote Windows Task Manager reveals its secrets

The same core Task Manager app that David Plummer wrote in 1994 still ships with Windows 10 today.


Peeking under the hood of Command & Conquer

The original source code for Command & Conquer as well as Command & Conqueror: Red Alert have been released by Electronic Arts. You can grab it here on GitHub.


Modern Touch-Friendly Design

These are touch-friendly guidelines I strive to follow for my apps and am happy to recommend to others.


Warning—Apple Suddenly Catches TikTok Secretly Spying On Millions Of iPhone Users

The most acute issue with this vulnerability is Apple’s universal clipboard functionality, which means that anything I copy on my Mac or iPad can be read by my iPhone, and vice versa. So, if TikTok is active on your phone while you work, the app can basically read anything and everything you copy on another device: Passwords, work documents, sensitive emails, financial information. Anything.


Covid-19 makes it clearer than ever: access to the internet should be a universal right

The internet eased lockdown life for millions. But millions more still can’t get online, and that’s fundamentally unfair


Introducing the MDN Web Docs Front-end developer learning pathway

Here we provide you with a structured course that will teach you all you need to know to become a front-end web developer. Simply work through each section, learning new skills (or improving existing ones) as you go along. During each section, you will find exercises and assessments to test your understanding before you move forward.

People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report

The public is once again recalibrating its relationship with technology.  The pandemic lockdown has accelerated even further the already dizzying speed of technological change: suddenly the office has become Zoom, the classroom Google and the theatre YouTube. 

The rise of the DevOps mindset

DevOps has become one of those buzzwords with many conflicting definitions. What’s for certain is it’s on the rise. In our 2020 developer Survey, around 80% of the respondents believed that DevOps is at least somewhat important.

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