December 2019 dev links

[…]The power went out and with it, internet connectivity. Wind storms and even a hard rain can knock the power out where I live and in the winter it’s a somewhat common occurrence. For the most part, power is restored within an hour or two, but there have been a few severe wind storms and one was so severe last February that the wind woke me up at 2:30 AM.

While I ran upstairs to try and assess what was happening outside with branches snapping and loud booms of trees falling in the distance, I attempted to reach the Puget Sound Energy website on my mobile browser to report the outage.

I refreshed the page multiple times while my phone said I had data coverage and was on the network (one, maybe two bars at times), but the PSE page came up as offline. I finally managed to get the page to load to report the outage after about 5 minutes.

SweetAlert2 – a beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes (alert, prompt, dialog, toast, side panel, etc.)

The mission of the Web Almanac is to take the treasure trove of insights that would otherwise be accessible only to intrepid data miners, and package it up in a way that’s easy to understand. This is made possible with the help of industry experts who can make sense of the data and tell us what it means. Each of the 20 chapters in the Web Almanac focuses on a specific aspect of the web, and each one has been authored and peer reviewed by experts in their field. The strength of the Web Almanac flows directly from the expertise of the people who write it.

What goes into building a drag and drop component in 2019?

I am a hypochondriac. In the back of my head I rationalize this as an evolutionary advantage. And in fact, it may have just saved my life.

For many developers their office is their home away from home — hell, some developers are at that office more often than they’re at home.  For that reason most of us take great pride in our offices, keeping them as tidy (…or not) as we’d like and injecting as much personality and comfort in said office as possible. Whether it’s a home office, cube, or coworking space, we need it to be pleasing to us for the sake of good work environment and sanity.

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages you can learn.

The default SSH port is 22. It is not a coincidence. This is a story of how it got that port.

Majestic Admin is a simple yet powerful free Bootstrap admin template that is built with the Bootstrap framework, SAAS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. The spectacular design, user friendliness, and easy to customizability of Majestic Admin makes it suitable for building different types of websites. This well documented template has high responsiveness to make websites look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

September 2019 dev links

Cache-Control for Civilians

One of the most common and effective ways to manage the caching of your assets is via the Cache-Control HTTP header. This header applies to individual assets, meaning everything on our pages can have a very bespoke and granular cache policy. The amount of control we’re granted makes for very intricate and powerful caching strategies.

Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript

jQuery is still a useful and pragmatic library, but chances are increasingly that you’re not dependent on using it in your projects to accomplish basic tasks like selecting elements, styling them, animating them, and fetching data—things that jQuery was great at. With broad browser support of ES6 (over 96% at the time of writing), now is probably a good time to move away from jQuery.

Simplify pop-ups and modals using the HTML dialog element.

The HTML dialog element <dialog> is a native browser element for creating pop-ups and modals.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2019

An annual front-end performance checklist (PDF/Apple Pages/MS Word), with everything you need to know to create fast experiences today.

Long time no write 😀

Browser usage gif

Un gif cu utilizarea browserelor pe glob de-alungul anilor (2008 – 2015).


Un 2008 cu IE majoritar şi rapiditatea cu care a crescut Chrome.

Frigiderul care trimite email-uri de tip spam

frigider-conectat-la-internetO firma de securitate a descoperit o retea botnet care a trimis 750.000 emailuri de tip spam. Nimic neobişnuit până aici, s-a mai întâmplat. Doar că 25% dintre aceste emailuri au fost trimise de pe dispozitive mai neobişnuite cum ar fi un frigider conectat la internet. Este primul caz documentat de obiecte casnice folosite la un atac cibernetic.

Multe dintre dispozitivele conectate erau slab configurate din punct de vedere a securităţii. Acest tip de probleme ar putea să crească având în vedere faptul că se estimează un număr de 200 milioane de dispozitive conectate la internet până în 2020.


Luna aceasta, JavaScript a împlinit 18 ani.

Traficul generat de boţi reprezintă 61.5% din tot traficul site-ului, potrivit unui studiu.

31% din veniturile Yahoo provin de la Microsoft. Compania plateşte Yahoo pentru folosirea motorului de căutare Bing.

20% din traficul global de internet reprezintă accesul de pe telefoanele mobile.

Cele mai bune ţări în care poate trăi un developer.

Seturi de iconiţe gratuite.

Jumătate din calculatoare vândute în 2014 vor fi tablete.