August 2020 dev links

Remembering Windows 2000, Microsoft’s Forgotten Masterpiece 

Twenty years ago, Microsoft released Windows 2000. A rock-solid, 32-bit business-oriented alternative to Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition, it paved the way for future consumer versions, including Windows 10. Here’s why we remember it so fondly.

Grid for layout, Flexbox for components

My brother is a fresh computer engineering graduate and he is currently finishing his internship in front-end development. He learned about both CSS grid and flexbox, but I noticed a pattern that I see a lot on the web. He can’t decide when to use grid or flexbox.

Learn Z-Index Using a Visualization Tool

Have you always found the concept of z-index tricky? Did you give a z-index value of 99999 to a HTML element hoping it will be placed in front of everything in a page and it still didn’t work? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Science confirms it: Websites really do all look the same

We studied 10,000 websites and found that their design has become more uniform over time. What does this mean for the future of creative expression on the internet?

Beginners’ Guide To Writing Good HTML

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, there was no JavaScript, no CSS, only HTML.

Although HTML has changed greatly over 30 years, expanding from its original 18 tags to well over 120, it retains its central importance: it is the foundational technology for the web.

Microsoft: we were wrong about open source

Microsoft has embraced open source and even Linux in recent years

Awesome CSS Frameworks

List of awesome CSS frameworks.

We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.

“You will never be able to understand any of what I’ve created. I am Albert F***ing Einstein and you are all monkeys scrabbling in the dirt.”

And so our resident genius, our Dr. Jekyll, explosively completed his transformation into Mr. Hyde.

He declared this in front of the product design team, developers, management, and pre-launch customers. One of our project sponsors had the temerity to ask when the problem crippling our product would be fixed.

Google blew a ten-year lead.

Then something happened at Google. I’m not sure what. But they stopped innovating on cloud software.

Docs and Sheets haven’t changed in a decade. Google Drive remains impossible to navigate. Sharing is complicated. Sheets freezes up.

Is WebP really better than JPEG?

If you have used tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, you probably have run into a suggestion to use “next-gen image formats”, namely Google’s WebP image format. Google claims that their WebP format is 25 – 34% smaller than JPEG at equivalent quality.

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